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Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body is extended until August 29

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Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body is extended until August 29

We are very pleased to announce that the exhibition period of Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body has been extended from the original closing date May 23, and will now be on view to August 29.

The opening of the exhibition was originally scheduled for February 5, but it was postponed due to the Norwegian authorities’ coronavirus measures. It is therefore gratifying that we are able to keep the exhibition open longer and that we will have the chance to welcome visitors to experience this amazing exhibition.

Giant Without a Body is a major presentation of the work of Nicole Eisenman and her largest solo exhibition in Europe to date. The exhibition delves deeply into the artist’s practice from 2006 to the present and includes a number of new paintings and sculptures created over the last year. Eisenman’s characteristic works offer a colourful and celebratory first impression, but on closer inspection reveal multiple layers of meaning and intricate narratives. While many of these stories are based on characters from her own life, the artist also draws attention to larger societal issues and political frictions. With rich humour, she touches on issues such as identity, sexuality, and politics as she mixes in elements from popular culture and countercultures. Eisenman’s unique eye for the complexities of contemporary society and conflicting human emotions engenders sharp and striking observations of our modern realities.

The Astrup Fearnley Museet would like to thank all the lenders who have given their consent to extend the loan period, and we are very much looking forward to opening the exhibition as soon as the authorities allow this!

Nicole Eisenman, Procession, 2018-2019. Image from the exhibition. Photo: Christian Øen

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